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List 1

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List 2 (Billfold)

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There are two lists of negatives in the Fields' Photo Archives. The first list contains the reference numbers of larger sized negatives while the second list contains the reference numbers of smaller, billfold sized, negatives. The negatives are alphabetized by the name of the person who ordered the photograph with the date ordered.
For Example:

                92387         Smith John                        53
This means that John Smith ordered photographs in 1953, and 92387 is the negative reference number. The pictures could be of John Smith, or of his children, or his wife, or even his cattle. More than one negative can be present in the negative reference number. 92387 could contain a family portrait as well as individual negatives of his children, or it may contain multiple shots of the same subject, like senior pictures.

Contact Sheets

Contact Sheets Box 1 #27-150
Contact Sheets Box 2 #157-319
Contact Sheets Box 3 #352-966
Contact Sheets Box 4 #967-1488
Contact Sheets Box 5 #1492-1938
Contact Sheets Box 6 #1940-2394
Contact Sheets Box 7 #2395-2809
Contact Sheets Box 8 #2810-3336
Contact Sheets Box 9 #3337-3798
Contact Sheets Box 10 #3798-4317


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